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A Safe Way To Order Your Favorite Supplements

It is a known fact that International Board Certifed Lactation Counselors are not allowed to prescribe medication. This is not a place where medications are prescribed; but we do recognize mothers order a lot of vitamins from unsafe online stores. Popular online stores have  unauthorized resellers, sell expired supplements, and make it difficult to return products. 

Balanced Breastfeeding Solutions provides a safe place to purchase your supplements, at a discount to you!

We advise you to check with you doctor before trying any new supplement!


Making the process as painless as possible!

  We will send an email link before the appointment to gather your medical information. This intake takes 10 mins or less. We will then contact you to iron out scheduling details. Please don't clean your house for me. Stay in comfortable clothing ie. nursing tops, pajamas. I  bring my own equipment and will spend 90 mins to 2 hrs with you and your baby. We will formulate a plan together that works for you.  We are a proud member of the Ashland Lactation Network that can bill most  PPO insurance company.  Please contact us directly if  you will  be  a  cash  paying  client,  we  will  email  you  our  prices.  


Postpartum Support

   Whether you just want some reassurance that things are going well, or you feel like you must have given birth to a piranha, there is help available.  At a consultation, we will

take your history, hear your story, meet you, your baby, and any other support people you have surrounding you.  We’ll talk about what your expectations and goals are, and how things have been.  We’ll take a look at your baby and at you, and observe a feeding. We’ll talk about tips and tricks to help with your concerns.  Before we leave we will have a good idea of what is going on and a game plan to help you reach your breastfeeding goals.  This will look slightly different for each family since everyone has different goals and circumstances. Some situations may require a follow up visit, phone and email support is included.  If you have questions please let us know!  



Natalie D.

"What can I say, Kendra is simply amazing. Non-judgemental, warm, inviting, and knowledgeable. She not only recognizes and assists with your breastfeeding issues, but goes above and beyond in her care plan. Kendra includes the whole family in supporting mothers during this time."

Carrie J.

"Kendra is an amazing source of knowledge, encouragement and support through out the pregnancy experience and post pardum. She strives to provide solutions and options without any judgement. Best of all Kendra does it all with a warm smile and positive attitude."

Kendra D.

"My experience with Kendra was amazing. She was so patient with me with all of my questions during my first pregnancy. I was very reluctant to breastfeed, but Kendra was able to go over the benefits for me and my child which further empowered me to at least give it a try."

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